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Has learning about our philosophy and our work convinced you to support us?

Thank you!

We assure you that your donation will go directly to achieving our goals and that the use of all donations is painstakingly monitored and documented.

As a charitable, non-profit association we are able to issue donation receipts that are recognized by the German revenue office. For this reason, we ask that you provide your complete name and address when making an individual donation so that we can send you your donation receipt.


Individual donations

When making an individual donation, please transfer the amount to the following account:

Kinderhilfe Kambodscha e.V.
Konto Nr. 1995885
Deutsche Bank
BLZ 39070024
IBAN DE83 390 700 240 199 5885 00


Volunteering in Cambodia

We welcome volunteers. Click here to find answers to some frequently asked questions about volunteering in our village in Cambodia.